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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof On A 2200 Square Foot House?

If you have a 2200-square-foot roof and are considering replacing it, you must be worried about the cost you will have to pay. It can cost you approximately 5700 to 9100. It all depends on whether you’re replacing or renewing your roof with other factors that affect the cost. Don’t worry because we can help you with an estimated cost to know what is coming for you when hiring a roofing contractor.

Whether an extreme weather condition has hit your roof or been damaged over time, if it’s time to replace it, then we are sure that you must be worried because replacing a roof costs a lot. You will have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort replacing a 2200 square feet roof.

Cost To Replace A Roof

We will guide you through everything that you must know about cost. So let’s have a look.

Cost of Replacing A 2200 Sq Ft Roof

The cost of a new roof depends on various things however the material is the most basic thing that determines the cost of roof replacement. We have differentiated between the roof cost depending on the roofing material for a 2200 square foot roof.

  • Shingles Roof: 6000$ to 22,000
  • Metal Roof: 9000$ to 23,000$
  • Tile Roof: 21,000 to 12,800$

Factors Affecting The Roof Replacement Cost

Material is one factor that can affect the roofing cost, but many other factors affect the cost of your roof replacement. Here are some of the most common factors.

● Roof Size

The size of your roof affects the price of roof replacement. But as we are talking about a 2200 square feet roof, we know that the size will remain constant and other factors will have more effect.

● Complexity

Some roofs are more complex than others making it difficult to install them. Like your roof may have a lot of additional things like vents, chimneys, skylights, and more. It will require more work from your roofing contractor and ultimately cost you more.

● Location

Your location can affect the cost of roof replacement greatly because different areas will have different materials and labor costs, ultimately ending up with more costs. Additionally, if you live in a place where heavy rains and hailstorms are routine, then the price of your roof replacement will increase. In such areas, roofing contractors must work efficiently to preserve your roof’s strength, which ultimately means they will charge you more.

● Time

It is another factor that will increase or decrease the roof replacement cost for a 2200-square-feet house. If you have less accessibility and are more complex, you will have to pay more to replace your roof. Time is money, so the more time a roofing contractor spends in your home, the more you will have to pay.

● Roofing Contractor

Ultimately, the roofing contractor you will hire to replace your 2200 square feet roof will be a significant part of the roof replacement cost. Every contractor provides you with different roofing quality. Likewise, they will offer you a price of their choice. You must keep in mind that you should never focus on cheap prices. Instead, you need to be very careful regarding the quality you will get.

Wrapping Up

Replacing a roof of a 2200 square feet area is a considerable expense where you will have to pay thousands of dollars. Adding up each expense, like labor cost, material cost, and the roofing contractors’ cost, the total cost will increase.

But remember, this cost is priceless regarding the safety of your building and its people. A roof is an essential part of a residential or commercial building. That’s why it’s important to never compromise on the quality of a roof.

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